Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

This time last year, I had had several snow days.  It seemed like the snow will never stop.  Clint got stuck trying to get out of the sub-division during one of those snows, and couldn't get to work.  A normal 20 minute drive from my school to Dade's school took almost 1 hour and a half and resulted in me pushing the car at one point while Clint drove. 

This year however is a completely different story. The first snow was on December 6th, and I wouldn't really call it a snow.  It was a mere dusting and somewhat pathetic.   If it's only going to snow a bit, I'd rather it didn't snow at all.  That was it, until a few weeks ago, when again we got another dusting.  I was beginning to lose all hope of a snow day.  Teacher's love them just as much as the kids do.  It's a nice surprise getting that early morning phone call (or text message in my case) that we don't have school.  When this year's school calendar was being created, we put in ten extra days to account for all the possible snow that we might get this year.  Yeah, those won't be necessary. 

So today, Feb. 13 of 2012, was my first official snow day.  And what did I do?  Well, besides going outside for about 20 minutes to help build the first snowman of the season, nothing.  The medicine that I'm on for my mishap last week (I sliced my thumb open on a glass while doing the dishes) has literally made me want to do nothing but sleep.  I'll be glad to have that stuff out of my system in time for Dade's bowling party next Sunday.  I was happily watching Dade play with his cars and race track this morning, and next thing I know I'm waking up 30 minutes later.  I then went back to bed and go up around 1pm when a neighbor kid knocked on the door thus creating chaos in the house between Slinky barking and Dade yelling at him to stop.

Here are some pictures from our little snow day fun!

For Christmas my co-teacher Patrick and his family gave us a snowman building kit. Inside the red hat was the scarf, pine cones, nose, and buttons.  It also had the original Frosty the Snowman movie, and some yummy treats.   We've been waiting since then to use it.  We made a simple head (mainly because Clint and I didn't have any gloves), but it turned out quite nicely.  Dade was rather excited about it.
Dade is always wanting to shove the driveway, so Clint gave him the snow shovel.  He felt very big because we let him help clear everything out. 

Dade got tired quickly after shoveling the driveway.  Luckily, Clint was there to lend a helping hand.

It was nice to have an extra day off and spend it with Clint and Dade.  The next two weeks are going to busy around here.  Our 6th wedding anniversary is the 18th, Dade's birthday party is the 19th (Robot Themed Bowling Party), Clint's big 3-0 is the 24th, and then Dade's actual birthday the 26th.

Fun filled times ahead.

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